Miro Med™

Miro-Med™ is the house brand for all of our medical products. Miro-Med™ is an indicator of quality and is fast becoming a house name in the medical field. 

 Miro Med™

BioEarth™ Products

BioEarth Products are Manufactured by BioEarth Laboratories in South Africa. Tagline-Brands is the manager and distributor of BioEarth™ branded products internationally.




Coco Lala

Coco Lala is our house brand for our Baby Products. All the products in this brand have been designed around infant care from contents to design.




Ice Therapy™

Ice Therapy™ Is a specifically designed product that is both trademarked and has a patent pending. It was designed by Doctors and Physiotherapists for the relief of strain injuries.



Natural Balance

Natural Balance™ is part of the BioEarth group of products and was specifically designed to be an alternative healing solution, avoiding scheduled medication.


Origin is our house brand for all of our adult hair care products. They are high end salon quality products.